Rising Issues in Economics — Nigeria's Perspective

a writing workshop on contemporary issues in the field of economics by Nigerian economists

UNILAG, Lagos, Nigeria

“Rising Issues of Economics – Nigeria’s Perspective” is a writing workshop
We call for paper inviting ambitious economics students from within and outside our local network in Nigeria. Applicants will write on one of a set of topics and the best 10 will be shortlisted. We have an event inviting the 10 writers to present and defend their works and reward the best 3. The event will be broadcasted and the works will be published on Exploring Economics.


9AM - 12PM


The aim of this workshop is both to reform existing Economic models for a practicable Economics in Nigeria, and to educate students and professionals of Economics as well as non-economists on core rising issues surrounding Gender inequality, Environment management and sustenance, Practicable economics education in production, and Decolonizing Economics.

We are calling for papers from *undergraduate and post-graduate students of economics in Nigerian universities on one of these four topics:

  1. Labour market – Applicable Labour market models, and gender issues

your paper should speak on the following:

        • Issues of gender (in)equality in Nigeria’s labour market

        • Do Labour market models in western economics textbooks fit the Nigerian Economy?

        • Workers welfare, ILO labour standards and solutions to labour exploitation in the Nigerian Economy

2. Environment – The Economics of climate change and clean energy

your paper should speak on the following:

        • The role of taxes and government policies in environmental protection and viable solutions for a sustainable environment in Nigeria

3. Production function – Debunking useless economics

your paper should speak on the following:

        • Applicable and inapplicable production models in the Nigerian economy; Do Production models in western economics textbooks accurately describe the nature of the Nigerian economy

4. Women participation – Women contribution to Economics and Politics

your paper should speak on the following:

        • Percentage of women in leadership positions in political offices; Women participation in Economic discussions; Recommendations for promoting women participation in Nigeria Politics and Economy

Your paperwork should be 1500 - 2000 words i.e. 1500 words minimum, 2000 maximum.

Applicants should select and write on one of the above topics, the best 10 will be shortlisted. We will invite these 10 writers to present and defend their works at an event and the best 3 writers will be rewarded with cash prizes. This event will be broadcasted and the works will be published on Exploring Economics.

*recent graduates not older than 2 years may participate

Technical Review Panelists

Prof. Femi Saibu Muibi

Economic Theory, Public and Islamic Finance, Energy Economics/Development Economics

Dr Shittu Ayodele

Economic Theory, Development Economics, Innovations & Entrepreneurial Economics

Dr Oke Mautin

Economic Theory, Energy Economics, Development Economics

Submit your paper by November 30, 2019 (11:59 PM)

Your paper work must be in Microsoft document format (.docx, .doc, etc.), file size must not be more than 100MB.

Alternatively, you can submit your paper by sending it to theuploaders@rethinkeconomics.org

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