My Mis-education in 3 Graphics

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Campus Unilag

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My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics is a document of the filmmaker’s darkly humorous journey through the mind-boggling constructs of mainstream economics.
Filmed introductory economics course lectures and interviews with mainstream economists reveal the enormous rift between the economics textbook models and the filmmaker’s and other critics’ understandings of economic reality.


4 PM

RM 001, FSS  Building, Campus UNILAG



This trailer gives a brief glimpse of some points from all three parts of the film. The first, on markets, reveals a few assumptions the mainstream model hides.  In the next, we find the model of the profit-maximizing firm hides profits. And in the final section, on macroeconomics, a few of the major issues obscured by the models are revealed: the importance of financial debt in understanding inequality, and the concealed destruction of the natural world.

“A terrific film… (If you’ve taken an economics course) you should watch this movie. And if you teach economics, you should share this film with your students.” —Tim Koechlin, Economist, International Studies and Urban Studies at Vassar College.

“The film is entertaining and fast-paced, featuring leading lights in critical tradition in the field including ecological economics, radical political economy, and feminist economics. Nothing the film mentions is anything but a huge problem with economics.”–Greg Hannsgen, Research Associate, Levy Institute, Bard College


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