Traditional Economic Solutions – Looking Inwards (TESLI)

a conference on some traditional solutions to poverty (some wealth creation schemes) in Nigeria

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Igbo Apprenticeship System | Yoruba Ajo Thrift Savings | Hausa Integral Communalism

TESLI is a virtual event that would educate on how some Nigerian traditional economic systems work effectively, propose that they be included in the college Economics curriculum, and advise on how their principles can be applied at both micro and macro levels to lift many people out of poverty.


1PM - 3PM



As of July, this year, the World Bank estimated that the rising inflation in Nigeria has pushed over 7 million of its population into poverty. Before this, existing data show that about 60% of the over 200 million people live below the poverty line. Therefore, we want to have these effective traditional economic solutions to poverty studied and the principles applied in the economy: the public lecture will educate the public about them, propose that they be included in the college Economics curriculum, and suggest how individuals and the government can practise them to alleviate poverty and create a more equitable and prosperous economic environment for present and future generations.


This will be an online event by Zoom Video conferencing, it will also be broadcasted live on Facebook. After the public lectures by the speakers, the last minutes of the event will be a question/answer section. And in the end, the recordings will be published on our website, a copy will be shared first with our local community and then, widely among the Rethinking Economics International Community.


Dr Sam Amadi

Associate Professor and Director

Abuja School of Social and Political Thoughts

Sam Hart


Abia State Marketing and Quality Management Agency

Dr Ayodele Oyewale


Department of Linguistics, African & Asian Studies, University of Lagos

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