The Future and Economics of Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria (FECIN)

a webinar on the economics underlying cryptocurrency, and its future impacts on the Nigerian economy

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FECIN is a virtual event that would educate on the economics underlying cryptocurrencies, to understand how well it can perform the role of money whether they can replace the conventional monetary system; discuss the issue of trust and incentives of economic agents involved; and to explore its future possibilities and impact on the Nigerian economy.

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The growth of interest in cryptocurrencies in Nigeria is really important. As this is still a relatively new development in the digital currency market, it is important that people understand the possibilities, effects and limitations of cryptocurrencies on the Nigerian economy. The public lecture will discuss topics like the capacity and flexibility of the currency, the issue of trust involved in the market, its impact on the current monetary system, and the perspectives and economic incentives of agents involved in the digital currency market. This education will help young people prepare for the future, and help them understand the essentials of the crypto market as it relates to the Nigerian economy.


This will be an online event by Zoom Video conferencing, it will also be broadcasted live on Facebook. After the public lectures by the speakers, the last minutes of the event will be a question/answer section. And in the end, the recordings will be published on our website, a copy will be shared first with our local community and then, widely among the Rethinking Economics International Community.


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